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My sculptures are all about the human being and being human. 


Humans in a world free of codes, free of conventions, 

free of standards, free of constraints. 


Humans born with a pure joy for life. 


The figures symbolise people 

sharing joy, wonder or

just a moment in time.


Their shapes are loose, 

organic versions of people.


Their anatomy is 

distinct, free from ideals,

soft and approachable.


Their presence 

attracts, pulls in, invites to come closer,

to touch.


I hope they convey a sense of belonging,

trigger some memories,

preferably good ones.

my motif

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1-2 April 2023

Z7 ArtGallery

Zandstraat 7, Knokkr

December 2022

Art & gifts Pop-up

OUTR Kortrijkse Steenweg 1266 - Sint Denijs Westrem

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What makes humans such a particular animal ? 

How are we different from other animal species ?

Is what I ask myself very often.


When I work I let my hands create,

create spontaneous forms,

putting my head on hold.


Later I will use my head,

to materialise what my hands have created 

as closely as possible.


Finding a balance of the essential forms,

erasing some but not too much,

going through an internal fight of 

keeping the initial energy, vitality and spontaneity 

and accepting their non conformity.

my work

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